1917 Across Asia Minor on Foot by W.J.Childs, William Blackwood and Sons LONDON, 459 sayfa (pages)
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The writer presents a rare travel report of 54 days on foot through Asia Minor, accompanied by a Turkish travel companion. The conditions are primitive but the journey is without dangerous events and there is much appreciation for the hospitality of the local people - Turkish, Circassian, Greek, Armenian, Lazi.
Contents: Preface, 37 chapters with subdivisions, the overall journey is from the Black Sea, Samsun, Marsovan (Amasya) Tokat, Kargın, Sivas, Euyuk, Gemerek, Kaisariyeh (Kayseri) Nefsher, Ulu-Kishla, Eregli, Karaman, Konia, Adana, Tarsus, Marash (Maraş) Zeitoun, Aintab (Antep) Killis, Aleppo, Alexandrette.